Yeast Infection Symptoms

Yeast infection can occur in both male and females and knowing the yeast infection symptoms will make it easier for you to assess if you are suffering from it.

Yeast infection symptoms depends on the affected part of the body. A large number of yeast or candida infections cause a little degree of complications such as discomfort, itching and redness. The complications may worsen or be fatal when left untreated in certain cases. Yeast infection or candidiasis is mainly an extremely localized infection of the mucosal membrane or the skin which includes that of the genitalia, urinary bladder, pharynx or esophagus, the gastrointestinal tract and the oral cavity.

Vaginal yeast infection symptoms include vaginal itching, vaginal burning, vaginal irritation, pain during urination, pain during sexual intercourse and odorless vaginal discharge which is a thick whitish gray fluid that may be watery. The discharge has no odor and can also seem like cottage cheese. It also includes a kind of fungus that exists all over the body especially in moist and warm areas of the affected body.

A large number of women have yeast in their vaginas without producing any symptoms but when the Candida albicans in the vagina reproduces in large volumes to the level of infection, it can cause symptoms such as irritation, stench, discharge, itching and vaginal inflammation. The uncontrolled multiplication of the Candida albicans leads to the symptoms and are only regulated by other types of bacteria that dwell naturally in the vagina.

Vaginal yeast infection as well as vulvitis can produce symptoms which are not caused by a specific agent, suggesting that apart from the yeast infection, some other conditions produce the same symptoms. Itching in the vaginal area is a vaginal yeast infection symptom that is most common. Aside from the common symptoms, vulvitis can also cause local pain and may be a recurring problem which requires an aggressive treatment.

A vaginal yeast infection is highly common and a high percentage of women have the disease at some point of their lives. This infection is not known to be sexually transmitted but can develop as well on men. Yeast infection symptoms in men include penile rash and itching which occur after sexual intercourse with an infected partner.

Infection symptoms that may occur in the male genitalia include red patchy sores which occur on the foreskin or on the head of the penis or. The redness and the patches are accompanied by intense itching or a burning feeling. A white discharge which is uncommon can also occur or be a symptom of candidiases of the penis.

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